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Sew the hook into the pelt

Sew the hook into the pelt

Sew the hook into the pelt, but be careful not to pull the stitch all the way through to the lining of the coat. If you not choosing professional storage, keep your fur in a closet, away from light and heat. Just as natural fabrics need to your fur does too, so don keep it in a garment bag or in plastic of any kind.

It helps pass the time.“ It was a satisfying beginning of the fall season, which continues in Paris, London and Milan. The New York shows featured polished, wearable clothes that sparkled, with or without celebrities on and off the runway. But there was also more than a smattering of military influences, like epaulets and double breasted cavalry coats from both big and small designers; a not so subtle reminder, perhaps, that we remain at war..

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But now, there’s some extremely unsettling news from the United States about how those subjects may be chosen. Brookings Institute, documents that appear to show work being tailored to suit the interests of donors. Now, it is a different country and different tax laws, but the collection of documents is, well, sobering..

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WhereI found it:Whileshopping in SoHo New York City in summer last year. My Mum and I stumbled across a gorgeous op shop that sold high quality, thrifted pieces. After much rummaging around we found this beautiful Burberry denim jacket that was in mint condition.

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